Frequently Asked Questions | Gail Friend

Some of your Questions:

Q. Do I coach young children?

I believe that the emotional attachment that young children have with their parents is far stronger and more influential than a relationship with an outsider person or coach. Children’s need for love and validation from their parents is the strongest driver of their behaviour and emotional patterns. Parents are interacting with their children every day, so if they have the skills to have those daily conversations effectively, results are far quicker.

Therefore, I coach the parents, and this empowers them to empower their children.

Q. How do I know whether to take my child to therapy or come for parent coaching?

I don’t believe it is either-or. When young children face challenges, sometimes they need extra external support, but your role as a parent in this process is crucial. Learning skills to support them can make a huge difference in their progress. Learning parenting skills can make your job as a parent far easier and help them through their challenge.

Q. Why Parent Coaching?

I believe all parents can benefit from parent coaching. Would we consider going into a career like engineering, architecture, accounting without training and expect an excellent result? Why would parenting be any different? Our families and children are so important to us and yet we struggle along in the unknown. Learning a few skills can result in us being much more effective in our parenting skills.

Q. From what age do I coach?

I coach adults and adolescents from 12 years and older.

Q. How many sessions does it take?

The number of sessions varies from situation to situation. It depends on the severity of the situation. I always recommend that people come for one session where they will get loads of insight, and we talk about what outcome they expect. This gives us an indication of how many sessions to start with.

Q. How long are coaching sessions, and what is involved?

Sessions are 90 minutes long. Sessions involve a combination of developing self-awareness of what is holding them back or keeping them from getting what they want and then learning practical steps to try in their daily life.

Q. Do I only coach parents?

No, I coach all adults interested in personal development. Whatever area of life you would like to improve on, we will work out a plan on how to get there, building awareness of what stops you and developing skills and strategies to grow and become the person you need to be to achieve that. When we go through challenges in life, they are opportunities to grow and learn from them, and I support and help you with that journey.

Q. When should someone go for coaching?

I believe we should all invest in personal coaching. Developing self-awareness and understanding yourself leads to a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Often clients get to me when there is a big problem, and I can help. Why not do the learning before problems arise and avoid them altogether?

Q. What age should my children be for me to start with parent coaching?

Starting parent coaching when your children are young is best (with children as young as two years old). Your children’s emotional and psychological patterns are developing within the first seven years and knowing how this develops, gives you the power to influence them effectively. They will develop whether you direct them or not. You do still have huge influence after seven years old; it is just that the earlier you start, the easier it is.