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The Ultimate Parent Solution

Just imagine feeling empowered, inspired and satisfied that your life is on track.

You know where you are going and you have the answers to develop your child’s potential to become empowered, inspired, and successful too.
The key to good parenting is a good understanding of yourself in relation to your children, and then having the ability to guide them to become all they are meant to be. Parents who are successful and happy have not achieved this by accident, they have created it, and they have done so on purpose.

Would you like to know how?

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Building your child’s emotional intelligence is the most important thing to do!! It determines their happiness and success.

Join me for a one hour FREE interactive Parent Talk on how to develop your child’s emotional intelligence in your day to day interactions with them.

Our RANGE of Workshops

Workshops to assist your parenting skills
The Ultimate Parent Solution

Building Confidence

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Discipline in Children

Balancing Discipline and Developing Children’s Internal Motivation

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Communication During Divorce

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Do you have a difficult ex and the…

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Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

Find out about our different workshops.

They are designed to empower teachers, parents and children. Specific strategies are taught…

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Our Services

One to One Coaching

Get specific answers for your specific challenges in a safe and confidential environment. Coaching sessions can be one-to-one, with your spouse or partner and/or with your children. Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be arranged at time intervals to suit your schedule and goals.

Talks & Workshops

Find out about our different workshops. They are designed to empower teachers, parents and children. Specific strategies are taught on how to develop confidence and self-motivation in children.Talks and presentations can be arranged at your convenience and to suite your specific requirements.Presentation times vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours.


Mentoring is a support system for clients who have attended the workshops and presentations. It provides an opportunity for people to get together and discuss and share ongoing experiences, what has worked for them, the challenges they are experiencing and what solutions are possible. Clients can request discussion topics to focus on in each mentoring session.

The Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make

  • I often hear parents say “maybe it is just a phase, they will outgrow it”. All behaviour, ours and our children’s is driven by our needs. When children misbehave they have developed a pattern of behaviour to satisfy their need. E.g. When a child is mean or bullies another child they are satisfying their need for power. Their need for power will always be there, so they won’t outgrow the behaviour, it will just change form. The child who bullied children on the playground could become the unbearable boss at work.

    Teaching children how to satisfy their needs effectively is essential. When we understand their needs and show them how to satisfy them effectively there will no longer be a need for misbehaviour.

    1. Parents think their children will “outgrow” a behaviour
  • Often parents rationalize away, the niggles they have with their children. They think it is not so bad, and maybe it isn’t in that moment, but it could be the start of a bigger problem later on. Catching a niggle and working with it when your children are young is so much easier because there is no history of pain attached. If the niggle is not addressed early, by the time they reach their teenage years there is history of pain which results in the problem taking way more effort to address.

    2. Parents think their problem “ is not so bad”
  • Often parents measure their worth of how good they are as parents based on their children’s behaviour and achievements. Doing this results in frustration and gives all our power to our children, because when they don’t perform or behave the way we think they should, we feel unhappy and dissatisfied. I.e. our happiness is dependent on their behaviour. Learning how to measure ourselves based on how we facilitate their growth rather than on their performance takes our frustration away and gives them the freedom to develop and grow the way they need to.

    3. Parents give their power away
  • Isn’t it interesting how we know or have been told that we need to study to further our careers, or we seek guidance from doctors when we are sick, but when we need answers for helping our children or in relationships, often we just struggle along. Many of us have been told that we should know instinctively what to do. I know I didn’t! There are many strategies and ideas available that can make our parenting job easier and give our children way more than we already do as good parents. Knowing where to give and where to challenge our children is the art of good parenting and understanding how to facilitate our children’s
    growth and develop their minds is the key to our happiness and theirs. This is something we need to learn.

    4. Parents think they don’t need help
  • So often when parents are experiencing difficulties they find solutions to manage or fix the problem and while that is important we most importantly need to look at and work with the cause of the problem. For example we find ways to manage their anxiety, help them with extra lessons, we have therapy like OT or speech therapy to reduce their delays. When we work with the cause of the problem which is essentially a child’s sense of themselves (how they are interpreting situations and their emotional responses) we will resolve the difficulty permanently.

    5. They focus on the problem and not the cause

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