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My one-to-one coaching sessions are designed for you to get specific answers for your challenges in a safe and confidential environment. I offer online and in person one to one coaching

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Coaching sessions can be one-to-one, with your spouse or partner and/or with your children. Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be arranged at time intervals suited to your schedule and goals.

One-to-one coaching facilitates a step-by-step process to:

  • Gain clarity. You will get answers to questions like: What would your ideal situation look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be? Who would be with you? How would you be communicating? Why do you want this?
  • Create an action plan on how to achieve your goals
  • Develop strategies to overcome obstacles in your way.
  • Gain a deeper understanding and insight about who you are. This leads to lasting fulfilment, peace and happiness regardless of the external circumstances.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is also offered in one-on-one coaching. It is an effective, gentle means to relieve stress and shift limiting beliefs that were formed in childhood.

The basic theory behind EFT is that all negative emotions and behaviours, and many of the physical discomforts that they cause are the results of disruptions to your body’s energy system. The energy system refers to the meridians, which are used in Chinese Acupuncture. These are energy channels that run through your body and are connected to all of your major organs. When an acupuncturist works on a patient, they adjust the energy with the use of needles. EFT uses the same principle, using fingers instead of needles to tap on certain points.

To book a one to one coaching session, please contact Gail at [email protected] or phone on 083 267 4624

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