The Ultimate Parent Solution

At Shifting Perspective we believe that building your child’s emotional intelligence is the most important thing to do. It is the foundation for their academic learning and life.

There is so much unhappiness in the world. There is an increase in anxiety and learning difficulties in children. This is because we have left out a fundamental key in our learning process which is the understanding and awareness of ourselves as human beings; why we do what we do; why we want what we want and especially how to form good relationships with the people around us. This is what determines our results.

In life, we are not given an instruction manual for ourselves or for our children. We send our children to school to get a good general knowledge; we go to university and study to take up the career path we wish to pursue.

Why would parenting be any different?

Learning a few skills and understanding the power of our day to day interactions with our children can make a huge difference.

We go to the doctor when our health is not where it needs to be, but for some reason when we are not happy, when our emotions like anger, fear, and anxiety show up there seems to be resistance to seek guidance. We make ourselves wrong and judge ourselves that we are not okay. The truth is ALL our emotions are gifts, even and especially the “negative” ones. They are our indicators in life. Emotions are our most powerful resource and if we listen to them, rather than judge them, and know how to work with them, we can use them to create the life we want.

How often do we dismiss our children’s emotions? We tell them “don’t worry, it is not so bad”? Our intentions are pure, we want them to feel good and be happy, but when we dismiss emotions rather than listening to their message, they build up and result in overreactions to situations. They develop emotional patterns that do not serve us.

Would you like to learn more on how to develop your child’s emotional patterns effectively? They are developing whether we guide them or not.

The Truth is, it costs a lot to do nothing

Many people know that they don’t have answers and are not as happy as they would like to be, they know something is right for them, good for them, but they don’t take action. They do nothing; they think it will just magically get better.

What happens when we do nothing?

We either get more of the same thing or things get worse.

Often we do nothing because we are scared, we are not sure where to start, we don’t feel safe or have the support or knowledge we need to effect the change we want….maybe sometimes we don’t believe it is possible?

At Shifting Perspective we believe it IS possible to have the peace, happiness and success you want for yourself and your children and we provide the support and guidance you need in order to get it