• Parenting is hard, but with Gail’s guidance and approach, a small change in the way you say things or react to a situation can have such an enormous impact. It’s not only empowering for us parents, but allowing our kids to feel heard and empowered too means a happier family all round. I handle situations so much better which leads to fewer emotional meltdowns (for me and the kids!), more confidence and a stronger connection with my girls. I also realize the benefit to us all when I look after myself too and meet my own needs, not just theirs. I whole-heartedly recommend these mornings

  • We attend the parent connect meetings as a couple and find it extremely valuable. We believe it is important to be on the same page when it comes to raising our daughters and to understand why we do what we do when we invest in them. The sessions have also been very valuable to us as individuals and has resulted in unexpected (and probably much needed 😊) personal growth too. We can highly recommend it to all parents!

    Elna and Johan
  • All I can say is...what an eye opener and great experience to date. I'll never be done learning from this incredible human being...never has someone just been able to get me to dig deep and look at myself and explore how I came to be me...this does not mean that who I think I have become is who I am going to be but rather what other great possibilities there are if you open your mind to the greater thought of what else you can possibly become. Much love for this stunning soul Gail xxx

  • Gail, I can't thank you enough for your listening ear and wisdom. Your guidance has been invaluable and I could see a shift in a matter of hours after our chat. My wish is that more parents take the time to learn what you have taught me so that they too can feel empowered and at peace just as I do. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Gail has the most amazing calmness and understanding of lifting one up, letting go of things in your life , dealing with issues so logically and most of all building self-worth and staying empowered and positive. Her sessions are truly spiritual and confidential. Recommend her for children and adults.

  • I am principal of a remedial school and Gail did a course with my teachers. Gail gave my team renewed insight into dealing with those learners that show disruptive behaviours etc. Her methodology empowers teachers to empower their learners to empower themselves in decision making and life skills. These skills are something a child can use daily and while they are growing up. I wish I had been given these skills as a young child. I highly recommend parents do a course with Gail as she is preparing individuals and couples for the 21st Century shift in family dynamics, edification and personal wellbeing !!!!

  • Absolutely loved this course and I have learnt such a lot – very insightful

  • What I have found is that since I have been meeting my own needs, most of the conflict has disappeared

  • What an awesome workshop – what I call food for the soul

  • This course has taught me way more than just how to parent my children

  • Bringing up teenagers can be difficult at best but when they have social and academic challenges it can make things so much more difficult. Shifting Perspectives unique way of bringing out the child's own potential to the fore is certainly refreshing and yields results. A more expressive and communicative child is the result