• Did a 4 week workshop with Gail and in such a short space of time she has helped me improve the way I communicate with my daughter. What I loved most is that she gives REAL and practical guidelines/ tools to assist you in your parenting journey. Even in group sessions she ensures that she personalizes the tools for every parent, which was really great. Highly recommended.

    Nwabisa Matyumza
  • I have recently completed Gails 4 week parenting course and I really learnt alot!! I am seeing things from a different angle and thereby approaching difficult /challenging situations in a new way and really seeing the change in how my son reacts, It is a work in progress but I am feeling less frustrated and more in control and I think this is being picked up by him and we more in sync than struggling through. I want to say a big Thank you to Gail and all the other moms who shared there stories....and who I learnt from.

    Elizabeth Hearn
  • I can’t recommend Shifting Perspectives highly enough. Gail has helped me discover a strength that is based on understanding boundaries- what they are and how they lead to peace, inner resilience, connection with my family and friends and ultimately joy! She is practical as well as intuitive. I am left with a handful of golden nugget insights that I use and treasure after every session. Thank you Gail

    Nicola Pearson
  • Gail helped me to transform from what could have been an incredibly difficult year into one of incredible personal growth and learning. My work with her over the past year has ranged from dealing with issues in relationships, to work, to my children – but all centred around an improved understanding of and appreciation for who I am. This is a gift that I cherish daily, and continue to build on. I highly recommend Gail to anyone wanting to, and willing to, work on improving themselves.

    Celeste Sparrow
  • Gail has quite literally changed my life.
    Her way of working is something I've never experienced before. She is able to navigate to the source of your challenge within a few minutes and effectively help you unlock a whole new way of seeing your world.
    Its not always easy but it is SO effective. Gail is the person I go to first when I need a little help in gaining clarity on why I am not managing in a certain situation. Her work is empowering and refreshing.
    My relationships have improved 1000 times with the new perspective I have on my own triggers and unhealed past emotions. I am able to understand the important people in my life with a new sense of curiosity and love without my issues getting in the way.
    I am a better parent, wife, friend and self.
    I recommend Gail a thousand times over.

    Stacey Smit
  • Gail has transformed my relationship with my children and most importantly myself. I would recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their family connection.

    Gabi Metz
  • Create the family you desire workshop & private sessions with Gail have had a profound positive impact in our family. I been able to let go of controlling my girls emotions, acknowledging what they feel and giving them a safe space to work it out, so then they are able to empower themselves. I have learned as well to set boundaries, creating clarity on family values & rules, making an agreement with my girls and following up with consequences. Another important lesson has been to encourage our children to try new things, celebrating their courageous action and centering their confidence on trying and not on the result.
    With much gratitude for Gails wisdom

    Jessica Gomez
  • Gail’s course on building your Childs confidence is thought provoking and has changed the way I think about parenting, and how I talk to my kids. The concepts can easily be carried through into all relationships. I highly recommend joining Gail on one of her courses if you want to better yourself, your parenting and ultimately your relationship with your kids!

    Susan Reid
  • Gail’s techniques and insight into relationships and parenting are unique. Myself and my husband have been working with her for over a year now and her input has been invaluable both in our marriage and in how we parent our children. I would highly recommend Gail to every parent as well as anyone who is looking to work on their relationships.

    Kerry Archer
  • One of the gifts of 2020 was my consistent work with Gail from Shifting Perspective. I was able to identify mind patterns that were causing me to hold myself back and to shift them so that I could be more myself again. Very importantly I learnt about boundaries - setting them and seeing when they are not present and therefore contributing to unnecessary suffering. Additionally as a new parent I have been learning techniques to handle the pressures of being a mom and to also proactively teach my baby functional lessons. Working with Gail is very practical. I highly recommend !

    Cheryl Hudson
  • The past few weeks have been a learning curve of note. Gail Friend is brilliant and thought-provoking as she leads you through plenty real-life situations, teaching you how to better handle parenting/teaching of our children. I sure learnt new ways to communicate and convey messages and lessons to our 21st Century children, who are far different to how we were growing up. I can say with confidence, her methods truly work! If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend signing up with her for a wonderful journey in Shifting your Perspective.

    Michelle van Alphen
  • Shifting Perspective is a must have for all moms! I learned a lot, have a better approach to my parenting skills. I was taken through without being judged. Gail Friend you are awesome. Thank you so much.

    Marsha Kgetsi
  • Shifting Perspective has helped my family and I through a few tough situations...
    Each of us experience some challenges along the way but Gail helped put everything into perspective for us!
    She helped us find ways of handling traumas from the past and set up a foundation for our future together.
    I 100% recommend Shifting Perspective!
    Thank you for all you do..

    Rushka Lee Pedro
  • The Parenting Workshop was amazing, it opened my eyes to things about me I needed to see and helped us parent better as well as have the tools to continue to do so! I recommend this course for anyone even slightly unsure if they are doing it right, which I would imagine is any good parent's concern xx
    You won't be disappointed!!

    Angela Frost
  • Gail has literally changed my life!! I could not be more grateful for everything she has taught me and the perspective shift she’s enabled. Highly, highly recommend!!

    Robyn Craig
  • Parenting is hard, but with Gail’s guidance and approach, a small change in the way you say things or react to a situation can have such an enormous impact. It’s not only empowering for us parents, but allowing our kids to feel heard and empowered too means a happier family all round. I handle situations so much better which leads to fewer emotional meltdowns (for me and the kids!), more confidence and a stronger connection with my girls. I also realize the benefit to us all when I look after myself too and meet my own needs, not just theirs. I whole-heartedly recommend these mornings

  • We attend the parent connect meetings as a couple and find it extremely valuable. We believe it is important to be on the same page when it comes to raising our daughters and to understand why we do what we do when we invest in them. The sessions have also been very valuable to us as individuals and has resulted in unexpected (and probably much needed 😊) personal growth too. We can highly recommend it to all parents!

    Elna and Johan
  • All I can say is...what an eye opener and great experience to date. I'll never be done learning from this incredible human being...never has someone just been able to get me to dig deep and look at myself and explore how I came to be me...this does not mean that who I think I have become is who I am going to be but rather what other great possibilities there are if you open your mind to the greater thought of what else you can possibly become. Much love for this stunning soul Gail xxx

  • Gail, I can't thank you enough for your listening ear and wisdom. Your guidance has been invaluable and I could see a shift in a matter of hours after our chat. My wish is that more parents take the time to learn what you have taught me so that they too can feel empowered and at peace just as I do. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Gail has the most amazing calmness and understanding of lifting one up, letting go of things in your life , dealing with issues so logically and most of all building self-worth and staying empowered and positive. Her sessions are truly spiritual and confidential. Recommend her for children and adults.

  • I am principal of a remedial school and Gail did a course with my teachers. Gail gave my team renewed insight into dealing with those learners that show disruptive behaviours etc. Her methodology empowers teachers to empower their learners to empower themselves in decision making and life skills. These skills are something a child can use daily and while they are growing up. I wish I had been given these skills as a young child. I highly recommend parents do a course with Gail as she is preparing individuals and couples for the 21st Century shift in family dynamics, edification and personal wellbeing !!!!

  • Absolutely loved this course and I have learnt such a lot – very insightful

  • What I have found is that since I have been meeting my own needs, most of the conflict has disappeared

  • What an awesome workshop – what I call food for the soul

  • This course has taught me way more than just how to parent my children

  • Bringing up teenagers can be difficult at best but when they have social and academic challenges it can make things so much more difficult. Shifting Perspectives unique way of bringing out the child's own potential to the fore is certainly refreshing and yields results. A more expressive and communicative child is the result