Online Workshops

Workshops are interactive and designed to empower parents and teachers.

Workshops can help you optimise learning, increase abilities, and decrease feelings of isolation and unacceptable behaviour choices in your children. Parenting programs have a positive impact on children by first positively impacting their parents. It is also about you!

I create an environment where parents feel confident to share and engage which leads to them feeling more positive in their role as a parent and in turn leads to more effective interaction with their children.

When parents understand how to effectively interact with their children, children become better prepared for school and personal success

My parenting workshops are designed to empower teachers, parents and children. Specific strategies are taught on how to develop confidence and self-motivation in children.

We provide content and strategies for parent-specific situations so that you can go home with real solutions and the steps to take to get the result they are looking for. The interaction between parents and learning from hearing other parent’s situations is extremely valuable. Not only do we not feel alone, but sometimes when we see our challenge in another parent’s situation, we are able to see the solution more easily.

Workshops are 5 hours long and limited to 20 people to ensure that your specific situation is unpacked.

Topics include:

  • Create the Family you desire online Course – Parenting and Discipline

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