Common Reasons why Parents don’t Commit

I Don’t Have Time

Parenting is tough and time consuming, we want to do what is best for them, but everything seems like a rush just to get through the daily basics. The juggle between work, family commitments and our children, sometimes feels like we are on a hamster wheel. Taking a few moments to stop and just reassess your approach can result in instant relief. It is not about doing more, it is about shifting small ways in which you interact with your children that can effect a big change in their behaviour.

I Have Already Tried This

Do you ever feel like you have tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work or nothing seems to work consistently? I know how that feels. Our children are continually growing and changing and what works today does not necessarily work next week or the week after. The thing is, if we are focused on it working with them in each moment, we will often get frustrated BECAUSE they are continually changing. When we have a clear approach on how what we are developing in them and are consistent with that, even when they fluctuate, we get peace because we have full control of that.

My Child/Situation is Different

It often feels like our situation is unique, and that is because IT IS! Each child and each parent relationship is unique, it even differs with your relationship from one child to the other. Even though each relationship is unique, we all have basic needs and patterns of behaviour. Understanding how to work with these enables you to apply the strategies to your individual situations.

I Don’t Have the Money

Deciding what to spend our money on is always a big question! The question is, what is really important to you? Often we spend money on what momentarily brings us joy or relief, but taking time to look at our long-term satisfaction can bring us lasting joy and satisfaction. Educating and developing your children’s mindset and emotional habits is the most important thing to do. While how they behave now or what grade they get in this moment is important, who they become and how they handle life’s challenges is going to determine their success. It all boils down to mindset and emotional habits. Investing in developing this is the best gift you can give yourself and your children. You can have both!