Building confidence

Where does confidence come from? Are some people just born with confidence and others not?

Confidence begins to form in infants. Soon after birth, infants start to learn, through circumstantial experience and treatment from others, and by interacting with the world. Their interpretation of their experiences and interactions determine their level of confidence. Have you ever noticed that in one family, one child may be confident and the other lacks confidence?

At our workshops, you can learn how to:

  • Influence the way your children interpret their environment and the people around them so that they choose meanings that serve them and build their confidence
  • Implement daily activities in their daily routine to build their confidence through your communication
  • Teach them to talk about their fears and have the courage to find ways to overcome them

The Ultimate goal: Your children feel confident within themselves regardless of what is happening around them and regardless of how well they are doing. So often our confidence is dependent on people accepting us or when we are good at something, but that is not always within our control and can prevent us from trying new activities

Understanding how to influence the way your child interprets their environment in younger years will result in them developing an effective way of thinking and feeling, which they will carry into their teenage and adult years.

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