Understanding Bullying

Does your child get bullied? Do they come home in tears? Do you sometimes feel helpless about what to do about it?

Understanding what drives bully behaviour and why some children are more susceptible to being bullied can provide some answers on how to handle it.

  • Bullies bully children because they have low self-esteem and need to bully in order to feel more powerful.
  • Bullied children usually have low self-esteem and feel weak, and that is why the bully targets them
  • It is important to build awareness in bullied children on the way they feel about themselves (their state) and why they feel that way. We can then give them strategies on how to build their state and self-esteem so that they will no longer be chosen by the bullies.

Learn how to:

  • Have those conversations with your child to help them develop a healthy sense of self
  • Support your child effectively while they are going through the challenge ( a balance between acknowledging them and giving them to skills to handle the situation)
  • Get clarity of what your responsibility is and what is theirs (so often we are tempted to rescue them, but we need to keep them safe whilst still allowing them to overcome the challenge)

Empowering our children, whether they are the bully or the bullied, is the only way to stop the behaviour permanently. It is a balancing act of managing the situation and giving them the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

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