Communication During Divorce

Ever wonder what to tell children when you are getting divorced? Are your children getting stuck in the middle of your divorce? How do you handle and satisfy your own emotions without affecting your children?

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone in the family. Handling your own emotions is sometimes hard enough, without all the arrangements that need to be made on how you can support your children through this difficult time. Children often take personal responsibility in some way. They think it is their fault and they take on “roles” to meet their needs. For example, they may set out to get their parent’s attention, become a pleaser or over responsible to get their parent’s love, playing one parent up against the other. Children need both a male and female role model and their love and acknowledgement to develop a balanced perspective of themselves and others.

At our workshops, you can learn how to:

  • Develop your children’s ability to interpret and manage their situation regardless of what is happening, e.g. how to manage two sets of house rules and parenting styles
  • Understand how to help your children satisfy their needs effectively without developing patterns of behaviour that will not serve them as adults
  • How to separate your feelings for your ex from the way you parent your children

Knowing how to communicate effectively with your children in divorced situations has a huge impact on your children’s confidence, performance and your relationship with them, making your life and theirs much easier and happier.

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