How do you discipline your children? Do your children learn from your discipline, or do they carry on with the same misbehaviour?

Discipline is often thought of in terms of misbehaviour, consequences and managing misbehaviour. What if there was another way we could look at it? I see discipline as a system we have in our homes to develop the way our children think, not necessarily to get them to listen or behave.

This way, we develop an internal response which helps them understand why they do what they do. This technique teaches children to develop accountability and a sense of responsibility, and in turn, they do what they need to be happy and successful. When we teach our children to understand what drives their misbehaviour and how to satisfy their needs effectively, this leads to a long term and effective solution.

At our discipline workshops, you will learn how to:

  • Address misbehaviour at its source rather than continually managing it
  • Understand how to satisfy your frustration and separating that from the way you discipline your children
  • Get a clear and different perspective on what you want to achieve through your discipline which will result in lasting change
  • Understand how a shift in focus and responsibility through your communication reduces conflict and gets your children to do what they have to, on their own.

Understanding what you are teaching them and how they are interpreting your discipline is so important because it influences their potential and the way they think for the rest of their lives.

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