Handling The Teenage Years

Does your teenager talk to you? Would you like them to talk more AND hear you more? Do you bump heads with your teenager? What is behind your teenager’s emotions, and how can you handle them?

Teenagers are at a stage in their life when they want to be treated as adults and make their own decisions. Often parents feel, or their behaviour indicates, that they are not ready to do so, which causes conflict. Sometimes they rebel or withdraw, leaving parents not unaware of what is happening in their lives. Learning to communicate openly with them through this emotional period in their lives is vital to get them through this transition into adulthood, where they can become reliable, successful adults.

I can help with:

  • Understanding how your teenager is interpreting your parenting and how this influences your effectiveness
  • How to develop a rapport with your teenager and establish a safe place for open communication
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Understanding your needs and your teenager’s needs and how to satisfy both of them
  • How to keep them safe and give them the freedom to grow
  • How to help your teenager with the social skills they need with their friends

I work with both parents and teenagers, giving the parent ideas on how to support their teenager and helping the teenager develop the skills they need to function in the outside world.

To book a coaching session with me for you and your teenager, please contact Gail at [email protected] or phone 083 267 4624