Handling Conflict

Do you avoid conflict? Does conflict mean there is something wrong? What if you become a master at handling conflict?

Conflict is uncomfortable, and we often avoid it. Do we have the perception that conflict is bad? What if we could teach our children to handle conflict when they are young so that it is easier for them as adults?

I believe conflict is a natural part of life. There will always be people with different opinions and ways of being, knowing how to handle that is a very important life skill. Knowing how to stand true to yourself and honour another person’s point of view in conflict can actually strengthen relationships. It allows people to show up authentically often leaves people feeling happier and more fulfilled even when they can’t always choose the outcome. We just need to be taught how.

Learn how to:

  • Stand true to yourself in the face of conflict
  • Have those tough conversations and come out feeling satisfied
  • Teach your children to have the courage to speak up when they are young in small situations
  • Show your children how to practise these skills in small situations

When we teach our children how to handle conflicts when they are young, the consequences and pain can be far smaller. This has a huge impact on their confidence too.

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