We offer interactive Parent talks designed to empower and inspire teachers and parents. Talks are one hour long with time afterwards for more questions. If you are a teacher, they can be held at your school at a time convenient for you and the children's parents. For example, you could have them during a parent information evening or take part in our parent coffee mornings. Talks are aimed at educating parents on how implementing a few skills at home in their day-to-day interactions can have a huge impact on their child’s potential, motivation and happiness.

Topics include:

  • Balancing Discipline and developing Self-Motivation in their Children
  • Building Emotional Intelligence as the foundation for their child’s Academic Learning and Life

They will learn:

  • How to develop the way your children think which directly influences their self-esteem and confidence. Each daily conversation counts!
  • How to understand the “why” behind their children’s behaviour which gives them the power to influence them – understand the difference between control and influence
  • How to understand and satisfy their own needs and separate that from the way they parent

We also cover:

  • How do your children understand and interpret your parenting? This determines the effectiveness of parenting
  • How is your children’s emotional development impacted by the way you are parenting? This determines their confidence!
  • How to develop a foundation for open communication, so your children learn self-motivation and self-discipline

Talks can be applied to parents specific needs.

Check out our current talks here.